You stoop down to lift us up out of the miry clay

“The Lord raises the poor up from the dust, and he lifts the needy from the ashes.He lets the poor sit with princes and receive a throne of honor. He protects those who are loyal to him,but evil people will be silenced in darkness.Power is not the key to success.The Lord destroys His enemies; He will thunder in heaven against them.The Lord will judge all the earth.He will give power to His king and make His appointed king strong.”—–1 Samuel 2:8-10 (New Century Version)

Dearest Abba Father,You stoop down to lift us up out of the miry clay.You made us righteous in the earth through the blood of Jesus Christ.You guard all of our ways and give us strength to do Your will.Our Father thunders from heaven and all our adversaries are defeated.You give us strength to walk in Your victory.You have set the world in order and protect us when we cling to You. You’ll never forsake us or leave us. You will make all things to work out  for good for us because we love You.We will be victorious in everything we do,not by our might or power but through the power of Your Holy Spirit.You promise us blessing after blessing in return of our obedience, and even the power to obey You comes from You.Help us grasp the depth of Your love for us.In Jesus’ name , we pray!

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