The need to pray

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Bible study – The need to pray

Read Acts 12: 1-19
1. Why was Peter arrested?
2. Why does satan attack Christians today?
3. What did the feast of Passover represent?
Acts 12:4, Exodus 12: 21-27, I Corinthians 5:7
4. What does the blood of Jesus represent to us Christians today?
5. How can we use the blood of Jesus to protect ourselves from the attacks of satan?
6. What did the angel do in order to rescue Peter?
7. Was it a strenuous activity for the angel to rescue Peter?
8. What do we need God to do in order to help us or rescue us from difficult situations?
9. Why do you think Peter was able to sleep so soundly while in prison? Acts 12: 6-7
10. Why did Peter think he was seeing a vision?
Acts 12:9, Acts 10: 9-17
11. Does God still give visions today?
12. Have you ever had a vision from God before?
13. Would you say the people praying had great faith?
Acts 12: 13 – 17
14. Do we need great faith to have our prayers answered?
15. Which was easier for Peter? Getting out of prison or getting into the prayer meeting.
16. Why does God sometimes meet closed doors when He tries to intervene in our activities?
17. Why did Peter eventually leave the other believers?
Acts 12: 17
Reference:The Living Word library , Author: Author: Dele Oke

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